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Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is: http://ecryptohelp.us.


When any visitor comments on any post or site, ecryptohelp collects his filled information. With that, we also save the IP address, which we use to select the wrong user. Your profile picture is also shared during the comment, which can be seen by any ecryptohelp visitor.


Whenever you comment on our site, you are asked to save name, email, address, which you can save in cookies. This thing is for your convenience, if you share any comment again in future, then no other information will be taken from you. And this information is stored in cookies for about a year.

Data time period

We mainly save the comments and information from exryptohelp newsletter only. The saved data depends on the life span of the ecryptohelp. If the ecryptohelp gets deleted due to any accident in future, then the data entered by you will also be deleted.

Data uses

The data sent by the user is mainly used for the smooth running of the site. The information you send helps us a lot. we can make the best user experience of our site . Also, we use your email to share any important information. Thank you !!