Home News Cryptocurrency Prices Today: Bitcoin, etherium rises up to 4%

Cryptocurrency Prices Today: Bitcoin, etherium rises up to 4%

Cryptocurrencies Prices Today 25 aug

Cryptocurrency Prices Today: There has been a lot of change in the price of crypto currency in the last 7 days. This week the maximum price of bitcoin has been recorded at $24887. The same other major cryptocurrency, Ethereum, has also been fluctuating a lot. This week the maximum price of Ethereum has been recorded at 2017 dollars and the minimum price is 1540 dollars.

Bitcoin up 1.6%

The crypto market has been quite stable since this morning. Even today, there has been a slight movement in bitcoin compared to the past days. Around 12 noon today, an increase of up to 1.7 percent was seen in the price of bitcoin. Currently, the price of bitcoin is around $21,725. Ankara may cross $22000 by evening. In the last 24 hours, about $ 3.59 billion in bitcoin trade has been done.

Etherium increased by 4 percent

Along with Bitcoin, Ethereum has also seen an increase of about 4% today. Something was not right for Ethereum last week. But since this morning the price of Ethereum has been rising. This afternoon Ethereum has crossed the price of $ 1700. Hope to see some more big results till the end.

doge and solona also increase

Today, an increase of up to 2.14 percent has been seen in the Doze coin as well. Currently this crypto is trading at $ 0.06924. Its maximum price in the last 24 hours has been near 0.06967. solona is also ahead by 3.14 percent. There has also been a slight jump in this. Currently solona is trading with $36.06.

other crypto currency

Today xrp is trading at $ 0.3498 with an increase of 1.63. ADA has also increased by 1.09%. Currently this coin is trading at $0.4653. There is no specific growth in Shiba Inu. It is currently trading at $0.000001328.

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