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Cryptocurrency Huge gains Bitcoin up 8%

There was a huge fall in the rate of crypto currency for the last few days. Bitcoin, Ethereum were down by 10 percent. But since this morning the crypto market is quite green. Today bitcoin is ahead with a gain of 8%. Ethereum has also registered a profit of 12 percent so far. Other big cryptocurrencies ETH, BNB, SHIB, DOG and ADA have also seen a huge jump.

Bitcoin increases up to 8%

The price of bitcoin has increased a lot since this morning. In the last 24 hours so far it is trading at $ 21,518 with 1 percent profit. But if you compare it with the last 7 days, it has seen an increase of 8.87 percent today. Today the highest price of bitcoin has been recorded at $ 21,810 and the lowest is $ 21,111.

Ethereum gain up to 13%

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, has also seen a huge jump. There has been a tremendous jump of 13.5 percent so far in comparison to the previous days. Currently it is trading at $ 1763 with an increase of 1.19 percent. Today its highest price is $ 1789 and the lowest price has been recorded at $ 1708.

Other Cryptocurrency rate

Like bitcoin, ethereum, other cryptocurrencies have also boomed. Binance bnb is at $295 with an increase of 6.18% over the previous days. So far, an increase of up to 10% has been registered in solona. Currently it is trading at $ 34.85. The cardano ada is also up by 4% at $0.5133. Shiba Inu is up by 5% at $ 0.00001301 i.e. Rs 0.001037.

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